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10/13/2015 - Core Exercises Are A Must To Relieve Back Pain!

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If you had to guess, what would you say is the most important part of the body to train? Would you say legs, back, chest, or something else? 

After working in the industry for over 10 years and being ranked one of the top 50 sports coaches in the world I know what the most important part of the body to train is….

Any guesses? 

It would have to be the CORE…

Core exercises isolate the muscles in the lower back, pelvis, abdominals, and hips to work in harmony together. Ultimately, this leads to better balance and stability whether you are throwing a baseball or bending down to pick up something from the ground….

A HUGE perk of core exercises is they don’t require gym equipment or a membership to a gym. You can literally perform them in the comforts of your own home!! 

How cool is that?

Today, I am showcasing a more advanced core exercise that is just awesome. If you are ready for it give it a try… If not, make sure you listen closely for the easier modification.

One Fun Yet Challenging Core Exercise – Click HERE!

My clients LOVE this exercise as it strengthens the entire body while also getting the heart rate up!! You’ll kill two birds with one stone. 

Go out and give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Click HERE for 4 videos to Move Better, Feel Better, & Live Better!!


09/23/2015 - Clean Eating To Feeling Healthy

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Haven’t you wondered why you experience any of the following?

– headaches

– memory fog

– bloating

– craving sugar

– inflammation

Can you relate to any of these? Out of the five things on this list I personally suffer from three of them on a daily basis. Being a corrective exercise specialist I always get asked “Hey Ryan, what can I do to eliminate the inflammation in my body or I just need to lose 5 – 10 lbs, can you help me?” You would be shocked how often I get asked these questions.

A few months ago my wife did a 28 day clean eating detox and her results were amazing that I decided to do the program myself. I am on week two and I am feeling more energetic, less bloated, have no more memory fog and have lost 5 lbs. I haven’t weighed this weight since high school and the comments I have been getting are unbelievable!! 

All of our bodies need a cleaning similar to getting our cars serviced, house cleaned, and teeth cleaned. Our body is like a bathtub, the water faucet (brings toxins in); and the drain (lets the toxins out). When it is running at a normal pace, we don’t have as much of a problem. When we are in overload and the drain is plugged, the tub gradually fills up and spills over the sides. To effectively feeling your best, we have to unplug the drain (detox) by nutritionally cleansing. When you get rid of the toxins the excess weight can melt away!!!!

If you want to start taking ownership of your life again and are sick and tired of not feeling your best it’s time to detox!!

If you are curious about the program that changed my life watch it here!

You only have one life and it’s time to start living it to the fullest…

Don’t leave this page without watching this short video. Your body and mind need this!!

Go and watch it now…

P.S. Watch till the end for a special offer!!


11/19/2014 - It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Hey it’s Ryan here….

Since being featured on the Yahoo homepage last week the questions about preventing back pain have been amazing!! People from all over the world submitted their questions about what to do to prevent back pain.

That being said here is a great video on two easy exercises to eliminate your pain! All you have to do is perform them a few times per week with a foam roller. Easy enough right?

So now it’s your turn to take action and start performing them….

Go and watch this video right NOW!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you are updated on when I post new training videos.

That’s it for now!

Until we meet again go out there every single day and exercise safely and always listen to your body.

Get the Video Series Now!


09/23/2014 - Check this out…

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Hey it’s Ryan here….

Last week was a cool experience that I wanted to share with you….

Steve Searns from Outside Health and Fitness was nice enough to feature me on his recent Podcast. Working with Steve was an amazing experience…

On the podcast we discussed my new online courses (details to come on this soon), strategies to take your exercise to the next level and the importance of having the right person guiding you with your exercise prorgram…

It was a ton of fun!

You can listen to it here.

So here is an update on my online courses… drum roll please!

My online courses are currently available, but I am making some major improvements to them. They should be done soon and as soon as I have an update I’ll share it with you.

For the time being listen to my recent podcast here.

Until we meet again go out there every single day and exercise safely and always listen to your body.


05/09/2014 - Phew…

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