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01/26/2016 - Why A Rest Day Is So Important!

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Dear John,

We all enjoy exercising on a regular basis because it helps with:

– energy

– keeps the immune system strong

– reduces stress


But, how many of you incorporate a rest day into your workout? Having worked in the fitness industry for the past 10 years many of my clients struggle with incorporating rest days into their workouts.

Any idea what happens to the body without a rest day?

Our bodies are working overtime, which results in decreased athletic performance and injuries.

Let’s dream for a minute…

Imagine you were a professional athlete and you made a living using your body. Don’t you think you would treat your body properly so you can perform at the highest level? 

Absolutely right?

The reason why professional athletes have an offseason or incorporate rest days is to preserve their bodies so they can perform at the highest level.

You to can have a body that performs like a professional athlete by incorporating more rest into your life.

Learn Why a REST DAY Can Be The Difference Maker – Click Here!


Please do your body a favor by having at least one day per week to rest… Your BODY will thank you… 

Now go out and make it happen…

See you next week!


01/17/2016 - Quad Stretches To Relieve Common Joint Pain

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Dear Ryan,

We are all guilty of sitting too much… How many of you get up from your chair at least once an hour? What has worked great for me is setting an alarm on my phone to get up and walk around at least once an hour… 

When we sit many of our muscles get tight especially our quads, which are located just on the front of the thighs. Imagine wearing shoes that are a 1/2 size too small, how would your feet feel? Not good right, right?

Our quads feel the same way when we sit and need to get stretched to relieve the tightness in the muscles. Today I am going to show you an easy exercise that I am sure you have seen before…

Many of you have done this stretch before, but I want to re-iterate the importance of it and this training video is a good refresher.

Stretch Those Quads – Click Here!


For this stretch aim to do 1-2 sets on each side holding the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

 Go have some fun with this stretching exercise!!!

 See you next week!


12/23/2015 - New Year New YOU!

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With the holidays in full swing there are tons of parties, get togethers and reasons to celebrate… Everyone is in the holiday mood and eating great food, drinking wine and mingling with friends… This is all sounds good right? Well, in large part it is, but there are a few drawbacks….

First and foremost people tend to overindulge on food and cocktails, which leads to the numbers going up on the scale. When the numbers increase on the scale it can lead to increased stress on the joints and other parts of our body have to compensate for the increased weight and inflammation in our bodies. 

With New Year’s less than 2 weeks away most people’s New Year’s resolution is to get healthy and lose weight…. Each and every year a lot of my clients say This is the year that I am going to get healthy!” What seems to amaze me is most people start out great in the first few months of the New Year, but fade after the first few months. 

Any idea why that is?

It’s in large part to not being on an exercise and health program that offers accountability, structure, and support. If you’ve worked with me before you know that I always preach having the right program and the right person driving the ship is so important to keeping someone on track and accountable. 

I’m talking about a program that can jumpstart your body to set yourself up for success in 2016. Don’t you want to run faster, improve your tennis, have less pain in your body or finally put those creams and meds away?

If you answered YES then you are in the exact right place….

The program that I want to share is a 28 day clean eating detox that will detox your body and eliminate toxicity and inflammation from it. We all take our cars to get serviced, get our teeth cleaned, but what about cleaning out our bodies?

If you are on the fence if this program is for you check out some signs of needing a clean eating detox. The first 5 people who register will receive my premier online course for FREE along with $600 worth of bonuses. This offer is a slam dunk and why not give yourself the gift of optimum health in the New Year!!

Let’s jumpstart your 2016 with this clean eating program.

All you have to do to get started is REPLY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION WITH: “I’M IN” and I’ll get in touch with you ASAP!

I can’t wait to help you get on top of your game and health in 2016….


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Who has time for the traditional hour of cardio and then 30 minutes of weight training? Do you?

I certainly do not…..

People are busier and working longer days and as a result have less time to work out. Can you relate to that?

9-5 jobs don’t exist anymore and people don’t have the time to do an hour of cardio then 30 minutes of weights… With how busy and stressed are lives are, we need something faster, quicker and more bang for our buck…

The answer is doing both cardio and strength at the same time….

Today I am sharing an exercise that follows that concept. With this exercise you will be getting your cardio and strength at the same time…

It’s that good!

If you are up for a challenge do it at a faster pace and you’ll be shocked at how winded you’ll be….

Voila! Your Cardio & Strengthen at the SAME TIME – Click HERE!


My clients love this exercise and now it’s your turn Friend to reap the benefits from this amazing exercise!  

Go have some fun with this exercise!!

Click HERE for 4 FREE videos to move like a champ!


09/23/2015 - Clean Eating To Feeling Healthy

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Haven’t you wondered why you experience any of the following?

– headaches

– memory fog

– bloating

– craving sugar

– inflammation

Can you relate to any of these? Out of the five things on this list I personally suffer from three of them on a daily basis. Being a corrective exercise specialist I always get asked “Hey Ryan, what can I do to eliminate the inflammation in my body or I just need to lose 5 – 10 lbs, can you help me?” You would be shocked how often I get asked these questions.

A few months ago my wife did a 28 day clean eating detox and her results were amazing that I decided to do the program myself. I am on week two and I am feeling more energetic, less bloated, have no more memory fog and have lost 5 lbs. I haven’t weighed this weight since high school and the comments I have been getting are unbelievable!! 

All of our bodies need a cleaning similar to getting our cars serviced, house cleaned, and teeth cleaned. Our body is like a bathtub, the water faucet (brings toxins in); and the drain (lets the toxins out). When it is running at a normal pace, we don’t have as much of a problem. When we are in overload and the drain is plugged, the tub gradually fills up and spills over the sides. To effectively feeling your best, we have to unplug the drain (detox) by nutritionally cleansing. When you get rid of the toxins the excess weight can melt away!!!!

If you want to start taking ownership of your life again and are sick and tired of not feeling your best it’s time to detox!!

If you are curious about the program that changed my life watch it here!

You only have one life and it’s time to start living it to the fullest…

Don’t leave this page without watching this short video. Your body and mind need this!!

Go and watch it now…

P.S. Watch till the end for a special offer!!