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01/06/2015 - Question…

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It’s Ryan here…

So over the past few weeks I have gotten a ton of great questions from my loyal fans all around the world and here is a great question from Bill who lives in Hollywood, CA. This happens to be one of the most common questions people ask me on a regular basis. 

Wondering what it is? 

Just click the video link below and this valuable tip will change your life….

Enough said….

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Hey Friend,

It’s Ryan here…

I wanted to shoot a quick video and get you all ready for 2015…. Since this is the first article of 2015 I wanted to get you started off on the right foot….

What do you have in store for 2015? I want to hear from you!! 

Simply reply to this email and tell me 1 thing you want to do this year…. I know you can do that!!

Enough said….

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10/07/2014 - This is 100% True…

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Hey It’s Ryan here….

So last week I shared with you why postural assessments are so important!!

Here’s a story about a recent client named Andrew!!

Yes, what I am about to share with you is 100% truthful….

Andrew: “Ryan, so I hear you can help me with my shoulder pain, right?”

ME: Yes, Andy! I would love to help you….

Andrew: “Great, when can we start?”

ME: Next week….

ME: Before we get started I need to have you perform a postural assessment and ask you a few questions!

ANDREW: “OK great”!

ME: Is there anything else that I should be aware of before we get started?

ANDREW: “Yes, my right hip feels jammed and tight”!

ME: OK let me find out why!

Here is the end of our conversation….

ME: Your right shoulder is bothering you because you’re right hip is tight and it’s prevented you from properly rotating your body!

ANDREW: “What???” Are you serious?”

ME: Yep! Everything in the body is connected and when one part doesn’t function properly everything else suffers….

ANDREW: “That’s very interesting; can we work on my hip issues next week”?

ME: Yep! See you then…

So you see if I didn’t assess him I would be training him with a blindfold on and creating his program based off of pure speculation.

And I would never want to take that risk on someone…

****Thanks again for being a loyal subscriber in the community!


09/29/2014 - I Hit the GOLD

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Hey it’s Ryan here….

Having worked in the fitness industry for the past 10 years and being a tennis player my whole life I have met and worked with some of the best fitness professionals…. It’s been so MUCH FUN!!

I have exercised in amazing countries and got to hear the best of the best teach their methods on health and wellness. It’s been awesome….

After spending countless hours learning and studying the body my whole life I discovered something that nobody was doing in the health and fitness industry. When I discovered this I knew I hit the GOLD and had a secret that very few trainers and coaches were doing!!

Are you dying to know what it was?

It was performing a postural assessment!!

Typically many professionals skipped this important step and were training their clients on what they knew rather than what the client actually needed. You see if you skip the postural assessment the entire program is built off speculation as it’s impossible to know what the person actually needs…

As I look back on my whole life of exercising at a high level nobody ever mentioned a postural assessment…. Crazy right?

I knew if I can learn how to be the best at performing them I would not only be considered a HERO, but be giving people the program that they actually need!

And that’s what I did…. For the past 5 years I have performed hundreds of these assessments around the world from NYC to Indonesia. It’s been a life changing experience….

Next week I’m going to share a story on this! Stay tuned….


09/23/2014 - Check this out…

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Hey it’s Ryan here….

Last week was a cool experience that I wanted to share with you….

Steve Searns from Outside Health and Fitness was nice enough to feature me on his recent Podcast. Working with Steve was an amazing experience…

On the podcast we discussed my new online courses (details to come on this soon), strategies to take your exercise to the next level and the importance of having the right person guiding you with your exercise prorgram…

It was a ton of fun!

You can listen to it here.

So here is an update on my online courses… drum roll please!

My online courses are currently available, but I am making some major improvements to them. They should be done soon and as soon as I have an update I’ll share it with you.

For the time being listen to my recent podcast here.

Until we meet again go out there every single day and exercise safely and always listen to your body.