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12/23/2015 - New Year New YOU!

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With the holidays in full swing there are tons of parties, get togethers and reasons to celebrate… Everyone is in the holiday mood and eating great food, drinking wine and mingling with friends… This is all sounds good right? Well, in large part it is, but there are a few drawbacks….

First and foremost people tend to overindulge on food and cocktails, which leads to the numbers going up on the scale. When the numbers increase on the scale it can lead to increased stress on the joints and other parts of our body have to compensate for the increased weight and inflammation in our bodies. 

With New Year’s less than 2 weeks away most people’s New Year’s resolution is to get healthy and lose weight…. Each and every year a lot of my clients say This is the year that I am going to get healthy!” What seems to amaze me is most people start out great in the first few months of the New Year, but fade after the first few months. 

Any idea why that is?

It’s in large part to not being on an exercise and health program that offers accountability, structure, and support. If you’ve worked with me before you know that I always preach having the right program and the right person driving the ship is so important to keeping someone on track and accountable. 

I’m talking about a program that can jumpstart your body to set yourself up for success in 2016. Don’t you want to run faster, improve your tennis, have less pain in your body or finally put those creams and meds away?

If you answered YES then you are in the exact right place….

The program that I want to share is a 28 day clean eating detox that will detox your body and eliminate toxicity and inflammation from it. We all take our cars to get serviced, get our teeth cleaned, but what about cleaning out our bodies?

If you are on the fence if this program is for you check out some signs of needing a clean eating detox. The first 5 people who register will receive my premier online course for FREE along with $600 worth of bonuses. This offer is a slam dunk and why not give yourself the gift of optimum health in the New Year!!

Let’s jumpstart your 2016 with this clean eating program.

All you have to do to get started is REPLY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION WITH: “I’M IN” and I’ll get in touch with you ASAP!

I can’t wait to help you get on top of your game and health in 2016….


11/16/2015 - Dynamic Tennis Warm Up Exercises: 10 Video Full Body Plan

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This is an excerpt from the full version of this post which can be accessed HERE!

A dynamic tennis warm up routine is a critical component for all tennis players to perform before all practices, matches, and tournaments. Its purpose is to properly prepare the upper body and lower body for the constant stopping, starting and the rigors of moving around the tennis court. Tennis is extremely hard on the joints and skipping the dynamic warm-up may result in otherwise preventable injuries.

What is a “dynamic” warm up? This simply means you are moving as you stretch. It differs from “static” stretching where you would hold a stretch position for 10 to 30 seconds while remaining motionless. When compared to static stretching, dynamic stretching has been proven to:

  • Better activate the muscles you will be using when you play,
  • Improve your range of motion,
  • Enhance muscular performance and power and
  • Improve body awareness.

Your dynamic warmup should focus on the rotator cuff, back, hips, calves, hamstrings, IT band, and knees and should be completed right there on the tennis court. The workout should take approximately 15-20 minutes depending upon one’s age, the weather conditions, and any physical limitations that one is suffering from. If you don’t like keeping time, it should take as long as it takes to either remove an article of clothing such as a warm-up jacket or pants or get a light sweat, which indicates that the body is fully prepared for the upcoming practice or match.

The routine will be shorter when exercising in hot and humid conditions because the tennis player will get sweaty at a faster rate. On the flipside when performing the warm-up drills in cooler temperatures one will need to spend more time warming up the body to be properly prepared for the upcoming tennis training session.

Remember, a thorough workout will help prevent injury; improves your performance, improves coordination, and will help tennis players get ready for the physically demanding practice and/or match.

In this article I am going to share a complete routine of dynamic warm-up exercises that tennis players can perform right there on the tennis court. Always remember when performing these individual exercises to use correct technique and listen to the body so you can achieve maximum value and prevent injuries.

Tennis Warm Up Drills

Hamstring – Tennis Warm Up Exercise

The first tennis warm up exercise is called Frankenstein walks, which is designed to stretch the hamstrings, hips, and calf muscles. For this exercise I recommend performing 2-3 sets for 10 repetitions on each leg right there on the tennis court.

Learn How to Warm-Up Your Hamstring Muscles


To learn 9 other amazing dynamic warm-up exercises click HERE. Your body needs these to improve your game!


09/17/2015 - Simple Upper Back Pain Stretch

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One of the easiest and most comfortable positions for people is sitting down in a chair or on the couch. It’s comfortable, you can relax, and just chill out… With our busy and hectic lives we all need some time to recharge our batteries. 

My life is super busy and there a few times per day that I just need a break and want to sit down and rest my body and mind. Most of the time when we are sitting in this relaxed position we are not focusing on our posture. Does this sound like you?

What ends up happening is we let ourselves just go to a comfortable place. 

Sounds good, right?? 

At times this can be good, but for most people poor posture leads to muscle imbalances, pain, and for some people injuries. 

Over the past few weeks I have given you some great exercises for the lower back, but what about the upper back? Doesn’t it need some attention as well?

Today, I am going to show you an easy exercise to stretch the muscles on the side of your back. This exercise will help you sit up straight and pull your shoulders back, which is what we all aim to do.

All you’ll need for this is a foam roller and you’re set!!

Give Your Upper Back Some Lovin’ – Click Here!

By performing this stretch just a few times per week your flexibility and posture will improve greatly. If you have any questions don’t be shy I am here to help you!

Go have some fun with this exercise!

Click HERE for 4 free videos to heal your body from the inside out!!


08/31/2015 - Amazing Calf Stretch To Relieve Tight Calf Muscles

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I love exercises that will help the entire body… I’m talking about exercises that when you do them you feel relief right away!! There aren’t that many exercises that make people feel that way, but today I am going to show you one of my ALL-TIME favorites. 

As I mentioned last week our bodies are meant to move and when the calf muscles get tight it limits one’s ability to walk and run properly. All the time I study and watch people walk and notice that many everyday people don’t walk properly, which results in muscle imbalances and injuries.

Look no further than this amazing calf stretch! When the calf muscles are flexible and functioning properly your body will feel amazing! Check out what a recent client said about this exercise, 

“After our session, as I was walking to my car in the parking lot, I truly felt as if I could hurdle cars to get there!”

This exercise just works and I know you will love it…. 

You’re Calf Muscles Need Some Lovin – Click Here!


By performing this exercise just a few times a week you’re walking and running will improve while most importantly preventing new injuries.

Go have some fun with this exercise. . .

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08/13/2015 - Tennis Instruction To Master Low Volleys

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The modern game of tennis is a sport that requires players of all levels to have good footwork, be agile, flexible, strong and have an explosive first step. Nowadays, many more players are spending more time at the baseline hitting powerful groundstrokes than rushing to the net. There are very few professional players who serve and volley on a regular basis. Players like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have an excellent return of serve that it makes it tougher for players to get to the net on a regular basis.

Many recreational players who play doubles have an easier time getting to the net on a regular basis. Typically what I have seen is that these recreational players have more time to get to the net, which gives them an opportunity to hit volleys from an offensive position.

In this post I am going to share some essential tips for hitting low volleys down around the feet area. One of the biggest mistakes that recreational players make is they bend at the back for their low volleys instead of bending at the knees and hips. As a result of bending improperly the body is placed in an awkward and uncomfortable, which can lead to muscle imbalances, aches and pains and injuries.

Players need to make an effort to bend at the knees and hips for low volleys, which will enable them to be balanced and in proper alignment, which will reduce overuse injuries. By bending at the hips and knees players will also be able to recover faster for the next shot.

Outlined below are sample exercises that one can do to improve their flexibility to hit low volleys from a balanced and offensive position.

Glute Stretch – Lie down on your back and cross the left leg over the right knee. When ready pull the right shin towards the chest and hold this position for 20-30 seconds on each side. Perform 2-3 sets.



Hip Flexor Stretch – Lie on your back and pull the left leg towards the chest. Keep the right leg down on the ground and hold the position for 20-30 seconds on each side. Perform 2-3 sets.


Knees Toward Chest – Lie down on your back and pull both knees toward the chest and hold this position for 20-30 seconds. Perform 2-3 sets.




Piriformis Stretch – Lie on your back and cross the right leg over the left knee and place a tennis ball underneath the right side. Perform 2-3 sets for 20-30 seconds on tight spots.


Always remember when performing these exercises to use correct technique and proper postural alignment. If you are experiencing any soreness, stiffness, and/or pain take a few days off to allow for a full recovery. If your problem persists for more than a few days I recommend seeking medical attention.

I hope you found this article useful and learned a few things to help you improve your low volleys.

Click HERE for more advanced tennis specific training….