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As we get older we are more susceptible to falling and altered balance… For some falling is part of the aging process, which is never any fun….

How many of you know someone who has taken a spill? I know a few people and falling is never fun unless you are falling into an ocean or a pool. 

Falling in those places is rare and most of us fall on the ground, which is extremely unforgiving….

Today I am going to be sharing an incredible exercise that strengthens the body and brain. Yes, both at the same time.

What I LOVE about this exercise is it can be done anywhere. I have even done it in a hotel room… It’s that good!!

Every day that goes by we get a day older and with a little help you can turn back the clock and prevent yourself from falling. 

Enough said, go and watch this RIGHT NOW!!

Have a great week and see you next week!



03/16/2016 - Get Back Pain Relief NOW!

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A few weeks ago I went to South Carolina for the week and got to exercise everyday, which I absolutely loved. It only takes me traveling accross the country to exercise everyday. Who would have figured that…

I was so busy with meetings, dinners, lectures that I almost forgot to make it to the gym each day, but I always got my workouts in.

Since I spent a bulk of the week sitting my body got so tight that I needed a way out to relieve my body. What I love about my workouts is I can take them anywhere and can make do with our without exercise equipment.

On my last day at the hotel gym a colleague asked me the following:

“Hey Ryan, that stretch looks awesome, is that for the lower back”?

Yes it is! 

“Do you mind if I try it”?

Go for it…. It’s awesome and has saved me all week….

“Thank you Ryan, this stretch is great and I am going to add it into my routine when I get back home. Thank you for showing me the way and helping me.”

Being able to touch someone’s life like I did is what life is all about it… As I left the gym that day I realized that I just helped someone and it felt great!!

Each day I make it my mission in life to help at least one person and when I accomplish that I feel full inside and out!!




03/01/2016 - Simple Exercise For Lower Back Pain Relief

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People are always shocked when I tell them my body breaks down…. Many of them think I am exempt because I know the body inside and out….

This is truly not the case. I am no different than anyone else and I need to take proper care of my body to prevent injuries. 

I spend SO much time taking care of everyone else that I leave little time for myself and my body has paid the price in the last year…..

I have suffered from more aches and pains in my body in the past year than any other year in my life.

One thing that I have learned is staying positive and the importance of preventative maintenance to keep the body strong….

Today I am going to show you a brand new exercise that many of my clients have never done before. It focuses on the hips, pelvis, and core….

This exercise has done wonders for me and now it’s your turn to benefit from it!!

Have a great week and see you next week!


01/26/2016 - Why A Rest Day Is So Important!

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Dear John,

We all enjoy exercising on a regular basis because it helps with:

– energy

– keeps the immune system strong

– reduces stress


But, how many of you incorporate a rest day into your workout? Having worked in the fitness industry for the past 10 years many of my clients struggle with incorporating rest days into their workouts.

Any idea what happens to the body without a rest day?

Our bodies are working overtime, which results in decreased athletic performance and injuries.

Let’s dream for a minute…

Imagine you were a professional athlete and you made a living using your body. Don’t you think you would treat your body properly so you can perform at the highest level? 

Absolutely right?

The reason why professional athletes have an offseason or incorporate rest days is to preserve their bodies so they can perform at the highest level.

You to can have a body that performs like a professional athlete by incorporating more rest into your life.

Learn Why a REST DAY Can Be The Difference Maker – Click Here!


Please do your body a favor by having at least one day per week to rest… Your BODY will thank you… 

Now go out and make it happen…

See you next week!


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I hope your 2016 is off to a great start..

Today I wanted to share a fun warm-up exercise that you can do anywhere with zero equipment. What I love about this exercise is it’s fun, get’s your heart pumping and you can do it by yourself…

I have gotten a few requests for simple warm-up exercises that can be done anywhere and today I am going to share a simple one….

This exercise addresses the hips and is great for your workouts that require sidestepping. When performing this exercise aim to do 10-12 sidesteps to your left followed by 10-12 sidesteps to your right. By the time you are done your heart will be elevated and you’ll be ready to get moving!!

Enough said… Go and watch this new video right now.

Your Fun Warm-Up Exercise Awaits! – Click Here!


Go have some fun with this warm-up exercise!!!

See you next week!