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As we get older we are more susceptible to falling and altered balance… For some falling is part of the aging process, which is never any fun….

How many of you know someone who has taken a spill? I know a few people and falling is never fun unless you are falling into an ocean or a pool. 

Falling in those places is rare and most of us fall on the ground, which is extremely unforgiving….

Today I am going to be sharing an incredible exercise that strengthens the body and brain. Yes, both at the same time.

What I LOVE about this exercise is it can be done anywhere. I have even done it in a hotel room… It’s that good!!

Every day that goes by we get a day older and with a little help you can turn back the clock and prevent yourself from falling. 

Enough said, go and watch this RIGHT NOW!!

Have a great week and see you next week!



04/01/2016 - An Amazing Glute Bridge Exercise

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Just last week I was at my gym and one member who I see all the time asked me what can I do to strengthen my glutes….

At first I thought this was a random question, but when we got chatting with each other I realized that this was a valid question. 

He said “I am hearing all about strengthening my glutes and I am not sure what to do. You seem to know what you are doing, can you recommend one easy exercise?

I love working with people who are eager to improve their health and quality of life. As I left the gym that day I felt great because I got to help someone, which made me feel amazing…

Today I am going to show you the exact exercise that we did last week. 

Before you leave the page you must watch this video…

I am confident if you perform this exercise 2-3 times per week you will feel healthy, alive, and looking great just in time for summer. 

Have a great week and see you next week!


03/09/2016 - One Of The Best Glute Exercises

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Earlier this week my Mom gave me a copy of my high school newspaper and my name was featured in it. The article featured our high school tennis team and it was so nastalgic reading it.

Those high school days were filled with great friendships, fun memories, and lots of long practices. 

Our coach was an incredible motivator and I learned so much from him about leadership, motivation, and perseverance.

One day during my junior year my coach let me run the practice, which was a major thrill for me. From that day onward I knew my journey in life would be to help people improve their health and quality of life.

As I look back on that day leaving the tennis court I knew my life would never be the same.

I made it my mission in life to help people and it feels so great to touch people’s lives every single day!

One of the ways that I help people is with my videos. Here is a new training video that I just fimed on core strength. Please give it a watch and share it with at least one person who could benefit from this video!

My goal is to help as many people as I can and with your help I am confident it will happen!

Have a great week and see you next week!


01/17/2016 - Quad Stretches To Relieve Common Joint Pain

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Dear Ryan,

We are all guilty of sitting too much… How many of you get up from your chair at least once an hour? What has worked great for me is setting an alarm on my phone to get up and walk around at least once an hour… 

When we sit many of our muscles get tight especially our quads, which are located just on the front of the thighs. Imagine wearing shoes that are a 1/2 size too small, how would your feet feel? Not good right, right?

Our quads feel the same way when we sit and need to get stretched to relieve the tightness in the muscles. Today I am going to show you an easy exercise that I am sure you have seen before…

Many of you have done this stretch before, but I want to re-iterate the importance of it and this training video is a good refresher.

Stretch Those Quads – Click Here!


For this stretch aim to do 1-2 sets on each side holding the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

 Go have some fun with this stretching exercise!!!

 See you next week!


01/11/2016 - Full Body Workout Routine

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Now that 2016 is here things will be back to normal and I will be delivering you fresh new content each and every week. If there is anything that you would like me to write on or new videos that you would like me to film don’t be shy!!

I thought I would start 2016 off with a total body strength exercise. This exercise is very unique and I am going to guess that you have never done it before. This exercise strengthens the entire body and is great for the hips and shoulders.

When your hips are strong your chances of experiencing aches and pains are greatly reduced. Check out what a recent client said about performing this:

“What I love about this exercise is it strengthens my entire body, which I love”

 Enough said…. Go and watch this right now!

 Strengthen Your Entire Body – Click Here!

For this exercise I recommend using a light resistance band and a versa loop band, which are small and can fit inside your gym bag, which is awesome!

Go have some fun with this exercise!!