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Hi Again! So how many of you go on vacation with the plan to exercise, but it never actually happens? You pack the exercise clothes in your suitcase with full intentions to exercise, but for some reason the clothes never get worn. Is this YOU? My clients always tell me, “I didn’t have time to exercise, I was just too busy”! Typically what happens as a result of this is any of the following: reduction in energy, feeling stiff, or for some people who eat too much they gain weight. The magical question is how can you go on vacation, but still allocate time to get your workout in. Are you ready for the answer? If so, keep reading to find out. . .

Here are a few of my secrets that I share with my clients when they go on vacation. They include:

  • Bringing exercise bands in your suitcase as they don’t take up a lot of space. Best of all, they can be done in your hotel room without even going to the gymJ
  • Walk as much as possible. . . Many of us don’t walk enough and vacation is a time for exploring and new adventures and why not experience them by walking
  • Just maintain. . . If you normally workout an hour a day make sure you exercise for a minimum of 15-20 minutes with a mixture of strength, balance, and or flexibility training. And by the way all the walking you are doing while on vacation counts as well. . .

So the next time you go on vacation follow these simple steps and you will pick up right where you left off before going on vacation. Use this vacation as an opportunity to recharge your batteries without any setbacks. . . I believe in YOU so now it’s time for you to take action in order to exercise on your next vacation!


10/11/2013 - Rounded Shoulders

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Hi Again! So we all are guilty of sitting at some point during our day whether it is at the office or at home. One big mistake that many people suffer from is their shoulders rounding forward. Are you guilty of this? I would assume that we all are guilty of sitting like this at some point during our day. A common side effect of sitting in this position is pain in the front of the shoulder. The magical question that people ask me is how this can be prevented. Are you ready for the answer? If so, keep reading. . .

Now that we have admitted that you are guilty of sitting in this position it’s now time to make the necessary postural corrections to fix this postural abnormality. Here are a few helpful strategies that you can use to fix this problem:

  • Make sure your car seat or office chair is set up appropriately to avoid sitting with poor posture
  • Bring your computer screen, IPAD, or cell phone to eye level height to avoid looking downwards at this electronic device
  • Strengthen the muscles in your mid back to enable yourself to sit up straight with your shoulders back. Check out this video for a great mid-back exercise.
  • Strengthen the muscles in the back of your shoulders, which are underused when sitting in this position. You can learn how to perform this exercise here.

Now it’s time for you to fix this postural dysfunction by following the strategies listed above. Listed above are only a few solutions to correct this problem. If you are still suffering from this after implementing these strategies please contact me so I can help you fix this postural abnormality. Now it’s time to pull those shoulders back and give your shoulder a breath of fresh air. . .


10/10/2013 - Krane joins forces with California Health & Longevity Institute in Westlake Village, CA.

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Ryan Krane is the newest fitness expert at California Health & Longevity Institute, the only place of its kind, offering evidence-based medicine along with advanced experts and programs designed to improve health and wellness for individuals and groups.

As a corrective exercise specialist, Krane offers an enhanced expertise to help people live healthy lives. Luckily, corrective exercise exists to banish pain using custom-designed fitness techniques that restore the body’s natural positioning.  Discovering the true source of pain and eliminating it at its source is the most efficient method of eliminating chronic pain for good.  By correcting body form through a variety of techniques and exercises based on improved strength, flexibility, and postural alignment, pain will gradually ease as the body regains its proper form and function.

For more information on the Posture & Movement assessment and Corrective Exercise program featured at California Health & Longevity Institute click here.


10/04/2013 - Those Small Muscles are SUPER IMPORTANT!!

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Hi Again! So we all exercise regularly and train those large superficial muscles on the front of the body right? Some of the common muscles that people often target are their biceps, chest, abs, and quads. Do you know what all of these muscles have in common? They all are on the front side of the body, which is what most people see. But what about those smaller muscles on the backside of our body that help the larger muscles on the front move and perform optimally? Do you find yourself never working the smaller muscles in the body? Before we go any further let’s stop and discuss a few of the smaller muscles that people need to train more regularly: hamstrings, lower/mid back, and glutes.

So now that you have an understanding of some of the neglected muscles on the backside start working them into your current exercise routine. If you are struggling on where to begin check out this video for two of my favorite exercises to strengthen the mid-back and back of the shoulder (it’s the first and second exercise): http://bit.ly/10QbqHk. There are hundreds of exercises that you can perform to address these smaller muscles on the backside of your body. If you need more suggestions on various exercises to target muscles on the backside of the body head over to my videos page on my website to learn some new exercises that you can incorporate into your exercise routine. Listed below are two of my favorites:

  • Daily Core Exercise – great video for the oblique’s and the spine (2nd exercise is one of my favorites 😉
  • Two Steps to Eliminate Knee Pain – great video for the inner thigh. (it’s the 1st exercise)

Your backside of the body is just as important as the front side and needs regular attention to Move Better, Feel Better & Live Better. Don’t delay and start implementing these exercises into your routine and you will be on your way to being pain FREE!


04/19/2012 - Check out Ryan in the news! His Outdoor Fitness Tips for Earth Week

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Earth day is just on the horizon, so celebrate the outdoors by getting ready for the outdoors like beach life!

Consider us your inspiring virtual fitness buddy, as we’ve partnered with Ryan Krane, Inc., a team of fitness consultants in Los Angeles, to give our L+C readers fit ready tips! The healthier you gives you increased endorphins, so you can be active at work and especially during all of your philanthropic adventures this Summer.

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